Get On

Get On is the motorcycle industry campaign aimed at providing you with everything you need to know about getting your licence to ride the motorcycle or scooter of your dreams. Whether it’s to save money on your daily commute or to hit the trails and discover parts of the world only open to bikers it all starts here. You’ll find helpful guides to the licence you will need to ride and advice on what to look for when choosing your new motorcycle.

Get On  offers a Free motorbike or scooter experience at many regional locations – you can sign up to an event or be informed when an event will be happening near you though the booking page. The Get On ride gives you the opportunity to experience riding a motorbike or scooter without committing to the costs of training. This way you can see for yourself, without any obligation, just what fun it is – we’re pretty sure once you’ve tried it you’ll be hooked!

What’s Involved with the Free Ride?

A qualified motorcycle instructor will brief you about the session and kit you out with safety gear and helmet. You’ll then receive personal guidance from your instructor in a car free, safe and secure training area. They’ll get you used to the bike, gears and throttle, and before you know it you’ll be grinning like a child riding their first bicycle. So relax, get going and enjoy the experience!

After your session you can ask questions about the motorbike learning process – how to do your CBT and what you need to do to get your full motorcycle licence. Your instructor will also be able to offer advice on what bike to buy, what style might suit you and your intended riding, kit and anything else you want to know.

Get On’s free session is the perfect way to start your journey to riding a motorbike or scooter.

If you love the session (and over 95% do!), you’ve gained an amazing experience and you’re well on your way to motorcycle freedom and financial savings, if not, you can just walk away – you’ve had the experience and it’s cost you nothing!

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! It’s completely free and it’s a great way to start your journey to riding – so why not book your free experience now and join the thousands of Get On riders who have already discovered the exhilarating freedom, financial benefits and love of life on two wheels.