Group Riding

Riding with your mates can be a risky business!! All motorcyclists have different levels of riding ability; some have been riding along time, others are new to it. Riders with less ability often try to do the things more experienced riders do, like filtering, riding quickly or overtaking. Don’t be tempted to keep up just because because they expect it and don’t expect this of less experienced riders.

Plan the ride for yourself and never give in to peer pressure; when overtaking make sure that it is safe for you to do so and don’t just follow others because you feel that you have to.

It is legal to filter through traffic so long as you are travelling at a speed that enables you to stop in an emergency. But it is a very risky manouvre, so if you are inexperienced and not confident don’t just follow your mates through the traffic. Ther are more tips on group riding on the Staffs Biker site.

Speeding is illegal, so don’t do it, it’s dangerous. Many young riders go over the speed limit; don’t get drawn into following them just because they expect it. This often in urban areas where there is so much going on and you are just petting yourself at risk.