To avoid potentially dangerous situations your bike needs regular maintenance and you need to do the following checks every time you go out:

PETROL: Check your fuel.
OIL: Check your oil level and look for leaks.
WATER: Check your coolant level.
DAMAGE: Check for any damage and check your chain is oiled and adjusted.
ELECTRICS: Check your lights, indicators and horn.
RUBBER: Check your tyre pressures and tread depth; needs to be a minimum of 1mm for 125cc and visible tread for mopeds.
STEERING: Check your steering and suspension is ok.

Remember POWDERS!

Regular Maintenance

There are many items that ned to be checked on your moped or motorcycle. If in dout always ensure you consult an expert.

Spark Plugs – Spark plugs must be clean and must be replaced at the first sign of wear. If the electrode is white then it could signal that your engine is running an air/fuel mixture is too lean. If the electrode is black it could mean that it is getting clogged up with carbon or oil.

Air Filter – The air filter is used to clean the air going into the engine. You can generally remove your air filter easily enough; if it’s dirty or clogged up you can wash it, just make sure it’s dry before you put it back in place. In some circumstances the air filter needs replacing.

Fuel Filter – Check the fuel filter regularly to ensure it’s clean and not clogged. Replace the fuel filter every two years.

Oil Change – Make sure you check your oil level whilst cold. If you replace your oil and filter regularly you will keep motorcycle healthy. It is recommended that you change your oil and filter every 3-6 months or about every 2500 kms.

Carburetor – The carburetor is for pumping the fuel and air mix into your engine. If you have problems with the running of your bike and you suspect the carburetor, any maintenance should only be done by an experienced motorcycle mechanic.

Brakes – Inspect brake discs and pads for wear, and replace if necessary. Check your brake fluid reservoir level and top up if lo; beware brake fluid is corrosive and will burn the paint on your bike.

Chain – Lubricate the chain often. All chains sag and should never be taut; this allows for movement through the suspension.

Battery – Batteries are often difficult to access so are often forgotten. The battery should be fully charged and you’ll know if your lights begin to go dim it’s time to get the battery checked.

  • Remember
    Regularly cleaning your bike means you can check the various problems or faults at the same time.
    Taking the bike to a dealer for checks on Tyres or Brakes is usually free as is asking for advice, so don’t be afraid to ask. Most motorcycle dealers are always interested in you, not your money.
    Your bike will last you longer if you look after it so don’t be put off by getting your hands dirty once in a while to check the levels or wear & tear of the various parts of the bike.