Riding Plan

Motorcyclists are far more vulnerable out on the road than most other road users. Therefore we have to ride defensively and plan our ride to ensure that we observe what’s going on ahead and what actions we may need to take to stay safe. Effective observation is the key to safe riding. It will give you the time to identify the hazards and plan your actions.

What can be seen?
Plan your ride on what you can see ahead.

What cannot be seen?
Danger can exist on every hidden section of road; expect the unexpected!Concealed junctions, driveways, around the bend.

What might happen?
Think about the warnings you get. Junction signs warn you that someone may pull out on you, loose hedge clippings or straw in the road might mean a tractor around the next bend. always be aware what other drivers and riders might do. Ride within the limits of what you can see, and always have a ‘Plan B’.

When out on the road use COAST
Concentrate at all times
Observe the hazards
Anticipate what could happen
Space, give yourself enough
Time, ensure you have enough time to stop